mature adult man smiling with teethWhether you’re considering your first set of dentures or you’ve been wearing dentures for a while, you might be considering Snap-In Dentures. You might have heard that Snap-In Dentures offer a lot of benefits, but how do you know if they’re right for you?

The best way is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rod Strober at Country Club Dentistry in Coachella Valley. However, here is also some information for you to consider.

What Are Snap-In Dentures?

Snap-In dentures are a type of denture we call implant-retained dentures. They are a set of dentures (replacement teeth) that are held in place by dental implants. However, dental implants only partially support dentures. Some of the denture rests on your gums, and when you bite and chew, your gums bear some of the pressure.

Snap-In Dentures get their name from the fact that you can put them on the dental implants with a simple snap-in motion. Special connectors then hold the denture securely in place. You can remove the denture easily for cleaning as necessary and soaking overnight.

Comparing Snap-In and Traditional Dentures

Snap-In Dentures offer many advantages over traditional dentures.

Compared to traditional dentures, Snap-In Dentures are:

  • More secure
  • More comfortable
  • Better for eating
  • Better for speaking
  • Healthier for your jaw

Traditional dentures depend on suction between your gums and the denture to hold them in place. This is a relatively weak force, and it depends on your Rancho Mirage dentist achieving an outstanding denture fit. Denture adhesives can help, but even at their best, traditional dentures aren’t very secure. Snap-In Dentures hold tight.

Being secure improves the function of Snap-In Dentures. Part of the force of biting and chewing goes to the implants, which makes them more comfortable. They also aren’t sliding all around your mouth, which can be painful.

Security and directing force into the jawbone make Snap-In Dentures work more like natural teeth. They let you bite and chew more normally, and they’re secure, so you can speak clearly.

Dental implants also make Snap-In Dentures better for your jaw. When you lose your teeth, your body starts to remove the jawbone that used to support them. Implants play the role of teeth, so your body doesn’t remove all the bone.

Traditional dentures have only two advantages over Snap-In Dentures:

  • Less expensive
  • No surgery required

Traditional dentures are an affordable tooth replacement option. They are less expensive than Snap-In Dentures. Also, you can get dentures in Palm Desert without surgery. Snap-In Dentures require minor surgery to place dental implants.

Comparing Snap-In and All-on-X Dentures

However, Snap-In Dentures are not the only implant dentures we offer at Country Club Dentistry in Rancho Mirage. You can also choose All-on-X Implant Dentures. All-on-X Dentures are implant-supported dentures, also described as fixed hybrid dentures. These dentures attach to your dental implants with screws.

Compared to All-on-X Dentures, Snap-In Dentures are:

  • Less expensive
  • Easier to care for

Snap-In Dentures are generally less expensive than All-on-X Dentures. Snap-In Dentures use fewer and smaller implants than All-on-X Dentures. Even when they use the same number of implants, the dentures for All-on-X Dentures are more expensive because they’re stronger.

Snap-In Dentures are also easier to care for. Because they’re removable, you can take them out, brush them off, and soak them. Then you can clean around the implants easily without the dentures in the way. With All-on-X Dentures, you have to learn to clean under the dentures to maintain them properly between dental visits.

However, All-on-X Dentures also offer some benefits. They

  • Give better bite force
  • Eliminate denture pain
  • Last longer

Because All-on-X dentures direct all bite force to your dental implants, they give you a stronger bite than you get with Snap-In Dentures. Directing all the bite force into your bone essentially eliminates denture pain. A small number of people still experience painful gums with Snap-In Dentures because these still rest partly on your gums.

All-on-X Dentures can also last longer than Snap-In Dentures. Snap-In Dentures can have the connectors wear out over time. This makes them less secure when biting or chewing. All-on-X dentures are secured by screws, so they stay in place. These screw connections don’t wear out as quickly, helping them last longer. The dentures are also reinforced to make them stronger.

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