Sometimes, the list of things that can be wrong with your smile can seem endless. Whether we’re talking about yellowed teeth that need whitening or crooked teeth that need straightening with SureSmile aligners, there are so many reasons we can be unhappy with our teeth. But despite the seemingly endless parade of problems, cosmetic dentistry is equipped to handle all of them—even the ones you don’t hear about much.

One problem that isn’t discussed as often in the dental community is “black triangles.” These unsightly gaps at the base of the teeth create a stark, unattractive contrast between white teeth, pink gums, and black openings between them. These triangles can make even the straightest and whitest of smiles look flawed. Believe it or not, dentists offer procedures designed to close those gaps and make your smile bright and uninterrupted.

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BioClear Can Close Black Triangles Between Teeth

You might be wondering how to close black triangles between your teeth? There are multiple ways to close off these triangular gaps and make your smile whole again. Some dentists recommend porcelain or BioClear composite veneers. To place veneers, your dentist applies thin porcelain shells over your teeth to change the appearance of your teeth. However, if black triangles are your only cosmetic problem, veneers may be slightly overkill.

The space between your teeth and gums should primarily be filled with teeth or gums. When it’s not entirely filled, it can cause “black triangles” to appear. These black triangles can distract people’s attention away from your teeth and to the empty spaces.

So what causes black triangles? It can be a number of factors. The most common include receding gums, crooked or poorly shaped teeth, or poor dental work. When you have teeth shaped like triangles, rectangles, or ovals, you’re more likely to experience black triangles.

If black triangles are appearing due to receding gums, your dentist may recommend the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique. If the gaps are very wide, orthodontics like SureSmile Aligners may be the best option to bring your teeth back together.

Sometimes, black triangles are just black triangles. In those cases, BioClear Matrix may be the perfect solution. For this procedure, your dentist uses a composite material to build up your teeth to fill the black triangles. The material looks just like your natural teeth, so the finished product is completely undetectable. BioClear is a reversible procedure, unlike porcelain veneers. It also requires minimal prep and only takes one appointment to achieve results.

What Else Can BioClear Do?

Not only is BioClear highly effective for changing the appearance of your teeth, but it can restore damaged teeth. If you have chips, cracks, or worn teeth, BioClear can cover the damage and restore your teeth back to their original shape.

BioClear can also whiten your smile. Like porcelain veneers, it covers the front of your teeth and since it’s a composite material, it won’t stain. That means after you get BioClear, you don’t have to worry about whitening your teeth or avoiding coffee for fear of stains. BioClear provides a long-lasting, white appearance.

Lastly, BioClear can close gaps and make your teeth look straighter so you can avoid orthodontic treatment. BioClear is one of the best solutions on the market for addressing multiple dental problems all at once.

How BioClear Works

This treatment involves the use of a thin sheet of clear mylar to create a mold. The mylar adheres to the tooth and can even sit slightly below the gum line for an even more natural look. Your dentist shapes the mylar as needed, then fills it with a flowable composite. This composite is then heated, which softens it and allows it to flow into the spaces nearby that it needs to fill. Once it has filled the mold, your dentist will remove the mold and shape and polish the restoration.

Best of all, we can complete the entire process in a single visit. This affordable treatment is durable and stain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it once it’s done. You’ll walk into the dentist’s office with unsightly black triangles and leave with a flawless smile. It’s really that easy!

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Strober at Country Club Dentistry, he will tell you if you’re a good candidate for BioClear to address your black triangles. If not, he may recommend an alternative treatment. 

Transform Your Smile With BioClear in Rancho Mirage

Black triangles may not be as common a complaint as yellowed or crooked teeth, but they can still prevent you from loving your smile. If you want those gaps eliminated, talk to our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Strober, about BioClear. Call (760) 832-7915 or contact us online to make an appointment right here in Rancho Mirage. Your brand new smile is just an appointment away! Achieve beautiful results in just one visit.