Cosmetic dentistry continues to improve. It is constantly adding new technologies and techniques that let Rancho Mirage cosmetic dentist Dr. Rod Strober deliver quality results to more people and in more situations than ever.

BioClear composite veneers are a relatively new approach to repairing and restoring teeth that let us combine many of the benefits of traditional dental veneers with those of dental bonding. BioClear is a flowable composite. Instead of shaping the composite on your teeth as putty, we place a mold around a tooth, then fill the mold with the warmed composite. It cools and cures into a hard, polishable surface that offers many advantages over traditional bonding, and even some over traditional veneers.

Here are some of the situations where BioClear might be the right choice to achieve the beautiful, durable results you’re looking for in your smile.

close up of a smile before and after veneers

#1 Gap Between Teeth

Do you have a gap between two of your teeth? No matter where the gap is, whether it’s front and center in your smile or off to the side, BioClear can close that gap.

Orthodontics closes the gap by moving your teeth closer together. BioClear closes it by building up the teeth on either side of the gap so they fill the space between them. It provides a few benefits, too. You can reshape and brighten these teeth rather than just move them. Plus, you can get results in one day, rather than waiting months, even years, for the tooth to move.

#2 Black Triangles at the Base of Teeth

Our front teeth, the incisors, all have a tapered shape. They are wide at the biting surface, also called the occlusal edge, and narrow at the neck. This creates space between the teeth at the neck. Normally, this space is filled up with gum tissue and bone.

However, if you experience receding gums, this space can empty, creating dark black triangles that aren’t just unattractive: some people find them frightening.

BioClear can easily fill these spaces by reshaping your teeth to eliminate the taper. You’ll have big, beautiful, healthy-looking teeth.

#3 Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can be a cosmetic problem, a functional problem, or even a source of discomfort.

BioClear is one of the options for repairing a chipped tooth. It can build the tooth back up so that it looks just as it did before you chipped it. This tooth repair is sturdier than traditional dental bonding, and unlike traditional veneers, you can get a complete restoration in just one visit.

#4 Retained Baby Tooth

Most of us lose our baby teeth as children, which is why dentists call them deciduous teeth. Sometimes, though, people end up with one or more of these small teeth in their mouths as adults. Their size makes it so that these teeth just don’t match the adult teeth that have filled in around them.

With BioClear, you can build up the retained tooth so that it looks just like your adult teeth. BioClear can precisely match the color of your other teeth, and Rancho Mirage cosmetic dentist Dr. Strober can match the shape so that other people might not know which of your teeth is the retained baby tooth.

#5 Peg Lateral

A peg lateral is a lateral incisor that doesn’t develop its normal shape. We mentioned above that incisors are the flat front teeth, but a peg lateral is just a rounded tooth, like a canine, except that it’s usually smaller and doesn’t have the sharp point.

BioClear can build up peg laterals to make them look like normal lateral incisors. If you have one normal and one peg lateral, Rancho Mirage cosmetic dentist Dr. Strober can make the peg lateral match your normal lateral.

#6 Stained Tooth

Do you have a single tooth or maybe a few teeth that are significantly more discolored than the rest of your teeth? Are these teeth not responding to teeth whitening because the discoloration is inside the tooth? Perhaps there is a defect in the enamel, or perhaps you experienced tooth trauma that bruised the teeth, leading to lasting discoloration.

If these teeth are otherwise healthy, BioClear can cover up the discoloration so that they’ll match the color of the rest of your teeth.

#7 When You Need Results Fast

In any situation where you need cosmetic dentistry fast, BioClear might be the right choice for you. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile by repairing, reshaping, or brightening your teeth, BioClear is a great option.

The beautiful, durable nature of Bioclear results is still important, but sometimes what matters most is what you can achieve in a single visit to our office. During your consultation, Rancho Mirage cosmetic dentist Dr. Strober can assess your teeth to determine whether BioClear will help you.

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