Across California and across the US, many dentists are returning to work offering routine and elective dental procedures for the first time in over a month. As the American Dental Association (ADA) and local governments relax shelter-at-home orders, allowing dentists to practice more freely, it’s time to think about getting some non-emergency dental work done. 

But of course we know that this situation may be temporary. If infection rates rise too fast, we could see ourselves back in isolation mode again soon. That’s why you should seek treatment with a dentist who offers CEREC restorations, including one-day crowns, bridges, and ceramic fillings. Here are the benefits that make this the perfect technology for these uncertain times. 

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No Second Appointment

Probably the most important benefit of CEREC is that it lets Dr. Rod Strober at Country Club Dentistry complete your crown, bridge, or ceramic filling in a single appointment. This means that you only have to go to the dentist on one day, so you’ll know right then what the conditions are. There’s no need to send impressions to a dental lab and wait for the restorations to come back. 

This means that there’s no risk that you’ll be stuck with a temporary crown, bridge, or filling when a new lockdown order is issued or dentists are asked to close. Instead, you’ll have your final restoration the same day. 

Less Mess and Risk with Digital Impressions

Another benefit of CEREC is that it is made using digital impressions. This is literally a wand that we wave over your teeth to construct a 3D model of them, rather than a tray of goo you have to bite down into to make impressions. 

While it is certainly possible to sterilize the traditional impression trays, it’s a more difficult task, with more parts to clean as opposed to the imaging wand, which is a single piece designed for easy cleaning. There are even disposable sleeves. 

Another benefit is the speed of the digital impression. This means you spend less time at a dental office and therefore have an even lower risk of exposure (not to mention less time out of your schedule).

Durable Restorations

CEREC machineOf course, one of the great benefits of CEREC is that the restorations it makes are very durable. They last at least as long as lab-made ceramic restorations, and in some cases much longer. One study of CEREC fillings showed that 88% of them were still in place and functional after up to 27 years

That’s some certainty you won’t have to get this treatment redone during the current chaos!

Beautiful Results

Nor does getting CEREC mean that you’re sacrificing the beauty of your smile. If anything, you will get better results because Dr. Strober can tweak the color of the crowns and fillings while looking at the exact appearance of your teeth. He doesn’t have to rely on pictures, shade guides, and other tools that can create uncertainty and error. 

Again, this protects you from the risk of coming in to get a crown fitted and finding out that it has to be sent back to the lab and you need yet another appointment. 

Let Us Be Your Fixed Point

With the pandemic landscape constantly shifting day by day, it’s easy to feel like everything can turn around one way or another unexpectedly at any time. You need something to have confidence in. With a one-day procedure, high safety, long durability, and beautiful results, your CEREC crown or other restoration can be that for you. 

To get a CEREC restoration in the Rancho Mirage area, please call (760) 832-7915 today for an appointment with restorative dentist Dr. Strober at Country Club Dentistry.