Although removable dentures have long been the traditional replacement for teeth, dental implants are the best replacement if you are looking for the most aesthetic and functional tooth restorations.

Removable dentures are a traditional replacement for missing teeth. Wooden dentures were used in Japan as early as the sixteenth century, and by the 18th century ivory or porcelain dentures were being used in Europe and the United States. Unfortunately, although dentures have evolved somewhat in shape and materials, they have many of the same problems that have always faced dentures.

When new and well-fitted dentures can be held in place relatively securely by suction, but over time the gums and bones that used to support your teeth can recede and atrophy, so your dentures will not fit as well. You may experience trouble eating or talking. Dental adhesives only work so well to overcome this problem, and they are messy and toxic to boot.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are the most modern, effective, and aesthetic replacements for lost teeth. A dental implant performs the same function as your natural tooth root: anchoring into your jawbone. This stimulates the bone and gums, helping to retain them. And because dental implants anchor your teeth into the jawbone, the replacements can look and function almost identically to your natural teeth. They require no special care and do not slip or click. In addition, although the dental crown may need replacing, the dental implant itself is designed to be a lifetime device, unlike dentures, which may need to be replaced as often as every five years.

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