Attractive mature woman in sweater shows off her smileCountry Club Dentistry strives to remain at the forefront of dentistry. We are constantly evaluating new technologies and procedures as they become available, and we select only the best new techniques to offer to our patients. 

That’s why we’re delighted to be one of the first practices in the nation to offer CeraSmile® dental implant bridges. We feel these advanced new implant bridges offer so many benefits that they should be the treatment of choice for anyone looking to replace a full set of missing teeth. Here’s what sets CeraSmile® apart. 

Fully Customized Results

CeraSmile® is a fully customized dental implant bridge. Other implant bridges are premade from the factory. While they can be sized to your mouth, essentially everybody gets the same smile. 

But your smile is an essential part of your personality. Why should you have to get a generic one? Instead, you can get the exact smile you desire. We can design a new smile of your dreams or give you back the beautiful smile you had in high school if you have a picture you like. 

Expert Craftsmanship

We can customize your CeraSmile® in part because we work with an American dental lab staffed with the most skilled craftsmen. Williams Dental Laboratory in Gilroy, CA is the exclusive provider of CeraSmile® implant bridges.

A nationwide leader in dental restorations for more than 4 decades, they bring a level of artistry to their restorations that can’t be matched by restorations that roll off a foreign assembly line or pop out of a 3D printer. 

Natural Appearance

Besides being customized, CeraSmile® offers unequalled naturalism. The human eye knows what natural teeth look like, and the craftsmen at Williams Dental Laboratory can add all the small touches in terms of shape and shading that makes natural teeth look different from other crafted restorations. 

 We will happily demonstrate the difference between CeraSmile® and more standard implant bridges. Side by side, you will be able to tell which one looks more like natural teeth. 

Rejuvenation–Like a Facelift

Most people don’t know, but losing teeth also means losing bone. In fact, the body removes bone from the jaw and other facial structures even before you lose your teeth. The process accelerates once your teeth are gone, and this means that it’s not enough to simply replace lost teeth if you want to look younger. You have to replace lost bone. 

Most dentures and implant dentures fail to replace the lost bone, which makes your face look shrunken. But with CeraSmile® we restore your youthful proportions, which helps you look years younger. And the implants stimulate your body to stop the loss of more bone so you can retain your youthful appearance. 

Durable Materials

Traditional dentures are made of plastic. Sometimes they have ceramic teeth. But CeraSmile® is made with advanced ceramics that are stronger than titanium. These implant bridges are built to last–they can take all the normal forces or biting and chewing for years. 

A Fast Procedure

With all the benefits, you might think that this procedure will take a long time, but it doesn’t. We will spend some time preparing for the procedure and crafting your restorations, but the actual surgery and placement of CeraSmile® implant bridges takes just one day. 

All the Benefits of Implant Bridges, Too

In addition, you will enjoy all the benefits of dental implants. You can eat all your favorite foods without worrying about loose dentures, painful eating, or other problems. 

Is CeraSmile® Right for You?

If you are looking to replace your dentures or are losing your teeth, CeraSmile® offers a better alternative. Please call (760) 832-7915 today for an appointment with restorative dentist Dr. Rod Strober at Country Club Dentistry in Rancho Mirage to learn if it’s right for you.