In California, you can get teeth whitening almost anywhere. The law currently allows many different professionals to offer the procedure, so you can find teeth whitening in dozens (if not hundreds) of salons and spas across San Diego. But there are very good reasons why you should see a cosmetic dentist for your teeth whitening procedure.

Protect Your Teeth

Properly used, teeth whitening is very safe for your teeth. But are people at a salon going to use it properly? Some common problems that can occur when whitening is performed by someone other than a dentist (including at-home whitening) are:

  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Overuse of whiteners
  • Irritated or receding gums
  • Unapproved whiteners

When teeth whitening penetrates your enamel to remove stain compounds there, it opens up natural dental structures known as tubules that can take heat to or from your tooth pulp, causing sensitivity. Dentists have access to advanced formulas that can reduce sensitivity for those prone to it.

Another problem is that non-dentists may overuse whiteners. They may not ask or notice if you’re using whiteners at home as well as the spa–they may even encourage it! Overuse of whiteners can damage tooth enamel, ultimately turning your teeth yellower than they started, and making them fragile.

Teeth whitening compounds can also be irritating to gum tissue. If they are carelessly spread on your teeth, they can cause redness, swelling, and even receding gums.

Finally, when you’re working with a spa whose credentials are dubious or nonexistent, you can’t be sure that they’re actually using legitimate teeth whitening compounds. There are enough examples of counterfeit BOTOX ® Cosmetic around that you should know spas regularly make poor judgment calls that lead to patient injury. They may also recommend damaging at-home remedies.

Better Results

Another problem with teeth whitening at spas is that they may not know how to properly use whitening to get the best results. Uneven application of whitening gel can lead to uneven whitening results in addition to irritating your gums. This can also happen with the use of at-home whitening trays and strips, which don’t fit your teeth properly and therefore cause some of your teeth to whiten while others stay dark, which makes the situation even worse.

A dentist can also tell whether your teeth will actually respond to teeth whitening, or if the procedure would just be a waste of money for you. Since some causes of discolored teeth are actually serious dental problems–such as cavities or an infected tooth–seeing a dentist about them can protect not just your teeth but your overall health as well.

So it’s best to see a dentist about your teeth whitening. If you are looking for teeth whitening, please call (760) 832-7915 for an appointment with a Rancho Mirage cosmetic dentist at Country Club Dentistry today.