Not all dentures are built to last, and over time your mouth might change shape. At some point in your life, you will likely need to replace your dentures. So how do you know when it’s the right time to replace them? We’ve compiled a list of signs it’s time to replace your dentures and what replacement option you should choose next.  

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1. Your Dentures Slip and Slide

One of the first signs it’s time to replace your old dentures with a new pair is if they no longer stay in place. When your dentures slip and slide it means they do not fit correctly. Oftentimes, the gums can shrink after time. Without regular adjustments to your dentures as your gums shrink, they can all of sudden feel way too big for your mouth. Slipping and sliding dentures can make you feel self-conscious and make simple activities like eating, speaking, or smiling difficult.

2. They Feel Uncomfortable or Painful

If you have economy dentures, they aren’t built for comfort. If they fit incorrectly, they can also feel uncomfortable to wear. Under these circumstances, wearing your dentures might feel incredibly painful or uncomfortable. The pain and discomfort is usually a result of bone resorption occurring and thus changing the shape of your jaw. Once your jaw shape changes, the dentures no longer distribute pressure evenly which can lead to sharp pains in the highest pressure points in your mouth.

3. You Get Sores on Your Gums

When the dentures don’t put pressure on your gums evenly, it can also lead to sores on your gums. The areas where the sores reside are the areas that receive the most pressure and indicate the areas where your dentures need relining. These sores can feel incredibly painful and even more so when you’re chewing.

4. Your Dentures Have Damage

If your dentures have any type of damage like loose, broken, or lost teeth, or a fracture, these are huge signs that you need to replace them. Don’t try to repair your dentures yourself. You might cause more damage or complications. Some dentures might be fixable but if the damage is significant enough, you will need to replace them.

5. You Have a Speech Impediment

Although the first few weeks of wearing dentures will require some adjustment to speak clearly again, you shouldn’t have a speech impediment after the first few weeks. It’s normal to talk with a lisp but it always goes away. If your dentures cause you to have a lisp or speech impediment, they likely don’t fit correctly and might need a replacement.

6. The Dentures Changed Color

Just like natural teeth, your dentures can change colors and look different from certain foods, drinks, or smoking. If your dentures are no longer an appealing color and are instead yellowed and stained, you can benefit from a new pair. Stains and discoloration can also occur when you don’t clean your dentures well enough. The bacteria that remains on the dentures can stain and also cause gum infections and bad breath.

7. They Look Unnatural

If your dentures don’t complement your face and are too big, too small, too white, or just the wrong shape, they might look unnatural. When they look unnatural, you might not love your appearance as much as you could. Getting a new pair of dentures can help you achieve a natural-looking smile again.

8. They’re Difficult to Keep Clean

Over time, your dentures might develop small cracks or chips. These areas are the perfect places for bacteria to hide. As a result, you might develop oral infections and struggle to get your dentures as clean as possible. When food continues to get trapped in your dentures, it will continue to affect your oral health as well as cause bad breath. If you’re struggling to keep your dentures clean, it’s time for a new pair.

9. Chewing is Difficult

One of the main reasons why you get dentures is to chew your favorite foods again. If your dentures don’t feel secure and make chewing difficult, you’ve got the wrong pair of dentures. You should be able to enjoy most of the foods you love without stressing out.

10. You Look Older Than Your Biological Age

When you lose your natural teeth, bone resorption is a common side effect. As your jaw bone resorbs, your facial structure will change. Your face might sag in the lower third and display more wrinkles around your mouth. High-quality dentures like FOY® Dentures help slow the bone resorption process, and if you get dental implants with your dentures, you can really reverse the aging effects of dentures.

Replace Your Dentures with FOY® Dentures in Palm Desert

If you’re looking for a dentures replacement, look no further than FOY® Dentures in Palm Desert from Country Club Dentistry. FOY® Dentures are designed using the latest neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry techniques to give you a natural-looking and natural feeling denture. They use a scientific process to achieve the perfect fit that prevents slipping, slide, awkward chewing, or irritation. They’re designed with your facial proportions in mind to give you the most natural-looking result possible. In addition, they’re made with high-quality materials including a ceramic similar to what’s used in veneers.

When you replace your dentures with FOY® Dentures, you’re getting a complete smile transformation that helps you look younger and avoid all the downsides that come with cheap dentures. If you’re ready to replace your old dentures, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Strober today by calling (760) 832-7915