A couple of weeks ago we were talking about an ad campaign involving dental implants that worked as bottle openers. Today we’re going to talk about a very different ad campaign, one that strikes at the heart of why we do cosmetic dentistry at Country Club Dentistry. This is an award-winning ad campaign for Crest, called “A Smile Changes the Whole Story.”

Putting a Smile in Texts

This brilliantly subtle ad campaign shows a series of texts in two forms: one with just the words and another with the words plus a smiley face emoticon :).

Consider the meaning of this text “On my way to the hospital.” The initial assumption is that the person is going to the hospital because they or someone close to them (and us) is sick or hurt. This is a potential tragedy. But “on my way to the hospital :)” is completely different. All of a sudden we’re imagining a happy scenario, such as the birth of a new baby.

They use other text messages, too, such as “I found the photos” (uh-oh or relief) and “You made me cry” (a message of anger or love).

And if you think texts with emoticons don’t have anything to do with real smiles, think again. Research shows that to our brains emoticons are real smiles.

Are You Ready to Change Your Story?

We all have a smile, but not all of us use it on a daily basis as we should. If being self-conscious about its appearance is keeping you from sharing your smile, you could be giving people the wrong impression about you or your words.

Not sharing your smile can have a negative impact on your ability to make a good first impression, which in turn can lead to difficulty getting hired or getting promotions. That’s why smiling is part of the American dream.

If being able to smile with confidence is part of your dream, we can help. From teeth whitening to dental implants, we offer a full range of procedures that can give you an attractive, healthy smile.

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