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Cosmetic dentistry is a popular way for people to achieve a beautiful smile. When people are unhappy with their smile, cosmetic dentist Dr. Rod Strober can use specific procedures to correct almost any cosmetic concern. From simple teeth whitening to address discolored teeth to using dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth, almost anyone can have a beautiful smile.

But when do people make the decision to use cosmetic dentistry to achieve their beautiful smile? The truth is that it can happen at virtually any age.

Childhood Dreams and Nightmares

Many people decide they want cosmetic dentistry from a very young age. Often, it’s seeing a celebrity on TV who has a beautiful smile that makes them decide they want to seek a smile that is as beautiful if not more so. These dreams might remain central to a person’s goals, but sometimes life gets in the way and people have to postpone these plans. 

Other times the inspiration for cosmetic dentistry is not as pleasant. Some children may experience teasing or bullying related to their teeth. Some studies suggest that nearly half of all children experience bullying, and that the number one feature that made children targets was their teeth.

Professional Ambitions

Other times, people decide on cosmetic dentistry as young adults who are looking to find the formula for a successful life, finding that it includes beautiful teeth. 

Of course, people looking for a life in the public eye realize that their chances are limited unless they have an attractive smile. This is just as true for people looking to become Instagram influencers as well as those who want to make it big in Hollywood. In fact, many of the most popular social media figures have made their quest for a beautiful smile an essential part of their identity. It’s a sign that they’ve truly made it as a personality. 

But even people just looking for a good job see the benefit of cosmetic dentistry. Having an attractive smile makes you more likely to be hired, and likely to be offered a higher salary upon hiring. 

Starting Over

Another common time that people decide they want cosmetic dentistry is when they experience a major change in their lives that makes them want to start over. This might be a major life change such as getting divorced, losing a spouse, or changing careers. 

Sometimes, though, people make cosmetic dentistry part of their plan to feel better and be healthier. It’s especially common for people who smoked or used drugs when they were younger to want cosmetic dentistry to try to erase the signs of youthful indiscretions.

Making the Most of Our Golden Years

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Even people who are much later in life can decide to have cosmetic dentistry. Often, people decide that getting a new, beautiful smile is the best retirement present they can give themselves. They know that having a healthy, attractive smile can make it easier for them to enjoy the rest of the years in their lives. 

It’s even possible for people who are quite advanced in years to get cosmetic dentistry. As long as you are generally healthy, there is no upper age limit to cosmetic dentistry. People can get a new smile with dental implants well into their 90s, and even orthodontics can work for seniors. 

You might think that your dream of a beautiful smile is one that you had to miss out on, but it’s not the case. With FOY® Dentures, many people have the most beautiful smile of their lives after they have lost their natural teeth. 

Is Now the Right Age for Your Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is appropriate for people of all ages, though not necessarily all procedures are right for everyone at every time. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, age is probably not a barrier for you. In particular, it’s never too late to get the smile of your dreams. 

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