We understand: “All-on-X” is kind of a confusing name for dental treatment. Trust us: All-on-X is a great way to get a beautiful, functional set of replacement teeth. Using it, Rancho Mirage implant dentist Dr. Rod Strober can customize your procedure to meet your cosmetic and functional needs while respecting your budget.

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The All-on-X Design

So what is All-on-X? It’s a solution for creating dental implant bridges to replace all your teeth in an arch (the top or bottom of your mouth) using “X” dental implants. What is X? Well, just like in algebra, “X” is a variable. It can stand for any number of dental implants, though 4, 6, or 8 are the most common. 

How do you decide what is the right number of dental implants? Rancho Mirage implant dentist Dr. Strober will talk to you about your:

  • Functional goals
  • Cosmetic goals
  • Bone structure
  • Budget

Then together, you will decide what is the right number of dental implants for your bridge. If you want sturdier implant bridges that let you eat all the foods you enjoy, you might get more dental implants. 

Cosmetics might also drive you to get more dental implants. Budget implant systems don’t actually replace all your teeth. Humans have 32 teeth (including wisdom teeth), but many so-called full replacements only have 20 teeth. Most of the time, that’s enough, but if you have a wide smile, the black space at the back of your mouth might show. 

If you have sturdy bone, you might do just fine with fewer dental implants. However, if you have weaker or smaller bone, more implants might be better for distributing force along your entire bridge. 

Finally, having flexibility lets us scale your restoration to your budget. If you can’t afford more implants, you can often get great results for less with fewer dental implants. 

Why Choose All-on-X Dental Bridges

There are many options for replacing your missing teeth, but All-on-X offers excellent benefits. With this system, you will enjoy:

  • Getting a full replacement smile in one day
  • A beautiful replacement smile
  • Restored ability to bite and chew
  • Secure replacement teeth
  • Replacing teeth without a bone graft
  • A customized procedure

With the All-on-X procedure, Rancho Mirage implant dentist Dr. Strober can replace all your teeth in one procedure. This includes extracting any remaining teeth. It can all be done in one day. For most people, this means getting a temporary bridge that is almost immediately functional, not just placing the dental implants. 

Some budget tooth replacement systems use low-quality materials for replacement teeth. With All-on-X, you can choose the replacement teeth you want, balancing cosmetics, durability, and budget concerns to get the results that are best for you. 

All-on-X replacement teeth give you the ability to bite and chew normally. These secure replacement teeth can do all the work that your natural teeth did–you can be sure of it because you choose the number of dental implants you want. 

Dr. Strober will evaluate your jawbone with a CT scan before planning your All-on-X procedure. He will determine the strength and depth of your bones, then recommend the right number of implants to secure your bridge without the need for a bone graft. Bone grafts can be expensive and delay your results by up to six months–we want to avoid that if possible.  

You’ve seen all the different ways that Rancho Mirage implant dentist Dr. Strober can customize your All-on-X procedure. This highly customized procedure helps ensure you get the results you’re looking for at a price you can afford. 

Is All-on-X Right for You?

Probably. It’s another benefit of the All-on-X procedure that most people are candidates. In order to get All-on-X, Rancho Mirage implant dentist Dr. Strober will make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Be looking to replace an entire arch of teeth (top and/or bottom)
  • Be healthy enough for surgery
  • Be an adult whose jaw has stopped growing

The All-on-X system is designed to replace an entire arch of teeth. If you’re looking to replace fewer teeth than this, then you will want to look at other dental implant options. 

Dental implant surgery is minor surgery, and it’s relatively quick. However, it is surgery, so it’s important to talk to your doctor about surgery to find if they have any concerns about your health.

Dental implants mostly work like natural teeth, but one way they are a little different is how they interact with developing bone. There isn’t enough research to tell how dental implants work in a situation where your bone is growing, so it’s best to wait until your jaw has finished growing to get All-on-4 or any other dental implant. 

Tooth Replacement in Rancho Mirage

If you are looking for a great tooth replacement option, contact Rancho Mirage implant dentist Dr. Rod Strober today. He can help you understand what is the best tooth replacement option for you and explain it clearly, so you know you’re making the right decision. 

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