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Sociologist: Smiling Leads to Success in Dating Apps

These days, many young people, as well as older people reentering the dating scene, use dating apps to try to meet people. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find success with this approach. After weeks or months of bad experiences (or, worse, no experiences), you might wonder what’s wrong. It turns out, one of the secrets to success is [...]

Better Than Metal: Why CEREC Restorations Last So Long

We've talked before about the {{{{link id='50321' text='remarkable durability of CEREC restorations'}}}}, how they are the only restoration that lasts longer than gold fillings. But what makes CEREC restorations so durable? It's a material secret that we're proud to share. Not Quite Diamonds CEREC is made of ceramic, but it's an advanced ceramic composite that is designed [...]

The Basics of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a flexible, affordable, but little-known cosmetic dentistry procedure. If you’re dealing with some small cosmetic imperfections that are keeping you from being happy with your smile, dental bonding may be the right solution. How Dental Bonding Works If you’ve ever had a tooth-colored filling, you’re already familiar with the durable Tooth-Colored Fillings Rancho Mirage

How Your Smile Can Boost Your Professional Life

Are you gunning for a big promotion at work? Or maybe trying to impress a new boss? Maybe you’re just tired of your job and ready to try out a new one? You’re probably focusing on performance, networking, and brushing up your resume. And while those things are, of course, important in the professional world, you may be ignoring [...]

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