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Restorations More Resistant to Acid Attack Than Tooth Enamel

A new study has looked at the damage that could be caused to dental restorations by acid. Although the restorations did show damage related to acidic attack, the damage is much less than that experienced by natural teeth in similar experiments. Comparing Zirconia to Traditional Materials As zirconia becomes the standard ceramic used in many {{{{link id='50310' text='cosmetic dentistry'}}}} [...]

T-Rex Teeth Show How Cracking Makes Teeth Stronger

Tyrannosaurus rex has long been the star of children’s imaginations, remaining one of the most popular and beloved dinosaurs since its discovery more than 100 years ago. One of the stars of the Jurassic Park franchise, the dinosaur has gained even more popularity recently. With more than 20 skeletons identified with this species, it’s also one of the best-studied [...]

Are CEREC Restorations as Good as Those Made in a Lab?

The short answer to this question is no, they're better. Comparing Performance with CEREC Restorations CEREC restorations have a more than 20-year history of clinical trials and studies. They have been compared to virtually every other type of restoration that can be {{{{link id='50321' text='used to repair your teeth'}}}}. These studies have shown that CEREC restorations have just as [...]

How Bad Is Pollution for Your Teeth?

Rancho Mirage has some of the worst air quality in the nation, and although it is nowhere near as bad as the air quality in some foreign cities, like Mexico City or Beijing, our air contains some dangerous substances that not only affect our lungs, they can damage our teeth. In addition, there are other types of pollution that [...]

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