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Keep Flossing: It (Probably) Works

Last year, some British tabloids starting passing around the story that flossing didn’t work. It was a total ploy for journalistic clickbait: nobody likes flossing, even though their dentist says it’s an essential part of oral hygiene. Everybody wants to be told that they don’t have to do it anymore. The story even got picked up by the BBC [...]

Lower Risks for Dental Implants by Specialists

Overall, dental implants have a very high rate of success, and a very long life. In fact, most long-term studies aren’t long enough to determine the {{{{link id='3338' text='true lifetime of dental implants'}}}}. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks to dental implants and reasons why they sometimes fail early. The biggest threat to dental implants is Media Hysteria and Dental Implant Risks

Oral Healthcare Costs Nearly Half a Trillion Dollars a Year

Going to the dentist can be expensive. But not going to the dentist can be even more expensive. With the total oral health costs approaching nearly half a trillion dollars, there are many opportunities for us to reduce the total costs of care by improving people’s access to healthcare. Direct and Indirect Costs A recent study estimated the amount [...]

Gum Disease Bacteria Might Hamper Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a normal consequence of living. As our cells reproduce, routine errors and mutations in our cells lead to the development of cancer. However, most instances of cancer are detected and destroyed by our body before they become a problem. Our bodies know how to detect cancer and take care of it. It's normally only when mutations increase [...]

Are You Visiting Your Palm Desert Dentist Enough?

For most people in Rancho Mirage, visiting the dentist twice a year is often enough, but for others more regular checkups may be required to ensure optimum oral and general health. Here are some circumstances where you might want to visit the dentist more often. Do You Have "Compromised Health" "Compromised health" is a medical insurance term for people [...]

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