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Sorry, Listerine Didn’t Invent Bad Breath

It’s a symptom of the Internet age that medical skeptics can find all kinds of reasons to doubt the “medical establishment.” Often, this is the form of factoids that may be actual truths blown out of proportion, half-truths that are misinterpreted, or outright falsehoods. One particular factoid that’s making the rounds right now is that Listerine “invented” the medical condition [...]

Dehydration Vs. Your Teeth

It’s easy to become dehydrated through exercise, daily life, and not eating or drinking enough. And dehydration, of course, harms our bodies in many ways. Unfortunately, dehydration is a constant concern in Southern California. With the hot and dry climate, Rancho Mirage residents constantly battle the creeping fear of dehydration. Signs of Dehydration Your body will start to show [...]

How to Keep the Holidays from Sabotaging Your Oral Health

No matter what combination of holidays your family celebrates, the end of the year is a busy time. For a few weeks, you may find yourself eating out as much as you eat in, being offered ten times as many sweets as usual, and finding more alcohol pouring than usual. All this can do a number on your oral [...]

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Low-Carb Diets and Oral Health

Many people are changing their diets to lose weight and improve health. Here in Southern California, home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches and the world's most beautiful people, the pressure to keep fit and trim is particularly high, and many people use a low-carb diet to achieve their goals. This is both good and bad news [...]

Your Gums and Oral Health

Pursuing good oral health habits is critical to maintaining healthy gums, and healthy gums are an important aspect of your overall health. Brushing after every meal, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist regularly are the best way to prevent gum disease, an infection that can eventually destroy your gums. Gum disease therapy may be a {{{{link id='50482' text='necessary gum [...]

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