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Regular Marijuana Use Can Cause Gum Disease

In the discussion surrounding the legalization of marijuana, the last thing most people want to talk about is gum health. But researchers are looking into it anyway — and their findings aren’t favorable for the recently legalized recreational drug. Marijuana for medical and recreational use has been legalized in so many states, with more joining their ranks every year. [...]

Your Toothbrushing Routine Can Benefit More Than Just Your Oral Health

For many people, brushing your teeth at the beginning and end of the day is nothing more than a mindless but necessary oral health routine. But here at Country Club Dentistry, {{{{link id='50457' text='our Rancho Mirage dentist'}}}} doesn't recommend twice-daily brushing for nothing: brushing your teeth regularly can benefit more than just your oral health. It can also have [...]

Keep Flossing: It (Probably) Works

Last year, some British tabloids starting passing around the story that flossing didn’t work. It was a total ploy for journalistic clickbait: nobody likes flossing, even though their dentist says it’s an essential part of oral hygiene. Everybody wants to be told that they don’t have to do it anymore. The story even got picked up by the BBC [...]

New Cavity Risk Test Shows Promise

We know that not everyone is at the same risk for cavities. Even if you brush, floss, and make your regular dental visits the same as someone else, you might develop twice as many cavities. So how do we know who is at an elevated risk and therefore more likely to benefit from additional preventive care? Researchers have developed [...]

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