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How You Can Stay Totally Relaxed At The Dentist Next Year

If you’ve been putting off visiting the dentist or certain dental treatments because the thought of visiting the dentist gives you anxiety, let us help you get the care you need. With sedation dentistry, we can help you sit through all of your dental treatments while staying completely relaxed. Visiting the dentist with sedation dentistry will completely transform your [...]

Control Dental Anxiety to Reduce Dental Pain

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you've probably had one of those moments where your dentist told you something wouldn't hurt--or wouldn't hurt much--and then it did, a lot. Likely this experience reinforced your fear of dentists and maybe made you think that dentists were liars and that pain was common in dental treatment. But your dentist probably wasn't [...]

Sedation Dentistry’s Origins: The Genius and Madness of Horace Wells

In the absence of modern root canal techniques, the Egyptians knew that pulling teeth was necessary to end pain and prevent the spread of infection. They also knew that the pain of the procedure was great, and they tried to deaden it with opium. The ancients also experimented with hemlock as a pain reliever, as well as using an [...]

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