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4 Signs That Your Snoring is Putting Your Health at Risk

Does your partner or family report that you have a snoring problem? While it’s tempting to see snoring as simply an inconvenience for anyone within earshot throughout the night, it could also be a red flag for a disorder that has {{{{link id='50476' text='real health risks'}}}} in tow. Here are a few signs that your snoring is more than [...]

Snoring Volume Can Exceed OSHA Safety Limits

If you were on the clock with a snorer, you might be cited for a safety violation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Then you might finally be able to use the law to force some changes, but since you're at home, it's your responsibility to protect your ears (as well as your sanity) by asking a [...]

Can Snoring Kill Your Relationship?

There are plenty of reasons couples sleep in separate beds. Although sometimes couples sleep apart because of relationship trouble, they might also be sleeping separately for convenience. Maybe their sleeping styles don’t mesh — one sleep talks or tosses and turns, or one wakes easily — or maybe their sleep schedules don’t align. But there’s one reason that tops [...]