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Teeth Whitening

Five Things to Know Before You Use Over-the-Counter Tooth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening is a very popular treatment. And, many people choose over-the-counter (OTC), at-home whitening treatments instead of visiting the dentist. Patients often don’t know about professional treatments offered or are trying to be cost-effective.  However, before you choose OTC treatment, read about these five things to know with OTC teeth whitening options. Additionally, be sure to keep your [...]

Coffee May Be Good for Your Teeth

According to a new study, a certain type of coffee bean (Coffea canephora) has an ingredient that breaks down bacterial plaque, which may help protect you against {{{{link id='50482' text='tooth decay and gum disease between trips to the dentist'}}}}. But we're not sure how much of an impact this may have on the oral health of coffee drinkers. A [...]

Five Easy Food Swaps for Better Teeth

Dental health doesn't have to be hard. Just brushing in the morning and evening and flossing every day will get you a long way toward having perfect teeth for life. Add in regular dental checkups and you're even closer. But you can also make a few easy swaps in your diet to improve your oral health. Swap Sport Drinks [...]

Tips and Tricks to Avoiding Red Wine Teeth Stains

No matter how marvelous your outfit or how great your hair looks, stained teeth are always a huge turn off. The color of your teeth will always leave a lasting impression during your interactions, hence the need for a reliable {{{{link id='50463' text='teeth whitening in Rancho Mirage'}}}}. Numerous food items could influence the development of teeth stains, one of [...]

What’s Stopping Your Perfect Smile?

Most people are pretty happy with their smiles — but not one hundred percent happy. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your smile, you probably already know what’s keeping you from perfection. Is it that one crooked tooth, or that chipped canine? Maybe it’s the slight yellow tinge, or that silver crown that creates an unsightly dark spot in [...]