senior woman smiling with teethRestoring your smile with dental implants requires the artful skills of an extremely, well-trained cosmetic dentist. Although the dental implant procedure only takes two to three hours to complete in several phases, the healing time takes much longer. The natural bonding between the titanium implant and the jawbone is called osseointegration and that process may take several months.

Your dental implant procedure in Rancho Mirage can restore your smile and improve your dental health. Dr. Rod Strober is a compassionate and skilled dentist that provides a dental visit experience that exceeds all expectations. When you arrange a consultation, you can have all your questions about dental implants answered and learn more about the latest dental technology that will be used to enhance your smile.

Lifestyle Changes with Dental Implants

Patients commonly complain about the length of time for the dental implant procedure to completely heal before crowns are placed. However the dental implant surgery would not be successful without the slow osseointegration that must occur before the implant is completely stable. Dental implant recovery depends on a number of factors and patients must consider the following before making a final decision about dental implant surgery:

  • Patience and persistence is imperative
  • A dental implant patient must avoid all alcohol
  • Patients should abstain from smoking
  • A commitment to proper cleaning and flossing of teeth and crowns is vital to the long-term successful outcome of dental implants

Replace Missing Teeth in Rancho Mirage

If you live in Rancho Mirage and are considering dental implants to replace missing teeth, please contact Dr. Rod Strober. At Country Club Dentistry, you will find a skilled dentist with a commitment to providing the very best for his patients.