Benefits of All-on-x

The All-on-x implant system uses a single restoration (what we might call a dental bridge or a denture) anchored by four dental implants to replace all the teeth in a single arch (your top or bottom teeth). This approach is becoming the most popular way to replace a full set of teeth because it offers these benefits:

  • All-on-x ImplantsReplace all your teeth in one day
  • Attractive, natural appearance
  • Functional biting and chewing
  • Replacement teeth don’t slip or fall out
  • Less expensive than other options
  • No need for a bone graft (in most cases)
  • Great long-term survival

The All-on-x implant system is designed to replace all your teeth in one procedure. That means you can replace all your teeth at once, even if you have natural teeth that need to be extracted. Not only do you get the dental implants placed, but for most people, you can also get the replacement teeth placed on the implants that same day.

These replacement teeth look attractive and natural. People will likely only notice that you have an attractive smile–few will suspect they’re replacements! And your replacement teeth function just like natural teeth. They might be a little tender right after surgery, but soon you will be able to eat all your favorite foods. And you won’t have to worry that they will slip or fall out.

But despite all their benefits, All-on-x is less expensive than some other treatment options. That’s because they only require four implants per arch, and because most people don’t need a bone graft with this solution.

And studies show that All-on-x dental implants have the same high success rate as other dental implants. Plus, 98% of the restorations (bridges or dentures) last 10 years or more.

Can I Get All-on-x In Just One Arch?

Yes! All-on-x dental implants can work opposite natural teeth or traditional dentures if you like. You can convert the other arch at a later date if you like.

Replacement Teeth the Same Day?

Most people get provisional replacements that attach to the implants on the day of surgery. However, in some unusual cases, you might get a healing denture instead, then an implant denture later.

How Does All-on-x Work?

All-on-x is a carefully designed system that builds on decades of dental implant technology. It takes advantage of the areas where the jaw has the best bone density for longest, including after you lose your natural teeth. In addition, two of the implants that support the most chewing force are angled so they get the most bone support. Because the system takes maximum advantage of your bone, people rarely need bone grafts with this system.

With the implants sharing the burden, none of them gets too stressed. Instead, the force of biting and chewing stimulates bone to grow around the implants, speeding healing and helping to secure the system.

The provisional bridge installed the day of surgery also helps. It gives good function but protects the implants against overstress. Once healing is complete, a permanent bridge can be used. It can be designed to be fixed or removable, and it can be acrylic (plastic) or zirconia (ceramic).

Learn about All-on-x in Coachella Valley

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