In choosing a cosmetic dentist in Coachella Valley, you certainly want to find one that’s well-trained, and one that’s experienced, but you also want to find one that’s talented, and is capable of performing cosmetic dentistry procedures expertly and accurately. This is something that’s hard to measure, making it even harder to find.

We’ll help you understand what talent means in a cosmetic dentist, why it’s important, and how to find a talented dentist.

A Keen Eye

A cosmetic dentist first has to be able to see problems in your teeth–as well as problems in dental restorations–or else they won’t be able to fix them. That’s why a keen eye, the ability to see subtle changes in shape, size, color, and alignment is a crucial talent for a cosmetic dentist.

After all, if your dentist can’t see the difference, how can they make the difference?

A Steady Hand

Cosmetic dentistry is a delicate art. Many preparations require that your dentist gently buff or remove tooth material (preparing your teeth for porcelain veneers, for example, requires that your dentist remove about 1/50th of an inch of enamel). A dentist with a shaky hand may remove material unevenly, which can make it hard to get a good impression, fit, or results.

A steady hand can also make a difference in every stage of cosmetic dentistry, from anesthesia injections to seating the final restoration.


Intuition is your dentist’s ability to draw on lessons of education and experience to make conclusions about the right treatment and technique for you. It’s what bridges the gap between training and practice, and why two dentists can attend the same classes, but only one will give their patients the full benefit of their knowledge.

A dentist with intuition is more likely to give you the right results the first time, and not make you pay for or endure unnecessary treatments and tests.

How to Gauge a Cosmetic Dentist’s Talent

But how do you find a cosmetic dentist who is talented? Here are a few things that can help you zero in on a talented dentist.


The proof is in the pudding, right? The best way to gauge a cosmetic dentist’s ability to deliver great results is to actually look at their results. Check out the smile gallery of several cosmetic dentists before talking to any.


Reviews will give you a good idea about whether a cosmetic dentist is talented or not. Look for comments on any of the items we’ve mentioned above, and, in particular, whether people got treatments done right the first time or had problems that required revisions.


Finally, make sure you get a look at the dentist firsthand before you commit to an expensive smile makeover. Ideally, the cosmetic dentist is going to want to give you an exam first, anyway. When they’re doing this, pay attention to what they’re doing, such as how they hold their implements, and whether their hands are steady or shaky. If you’re unsure, try getting a minor procedure done (such as a filling) before committing to major ones.

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