If you are considering dental implants, there are many good reasons to start the process today. Starting the dental implant process sooner can not only ensure you get your final results sooner, it can reduce the amount of time you spend in our office.

Why Waiting Can Be Bad for Dental Implants

There are many potential problems that can arise from waiting for dental implants. If you have already lost the tooth or teeth you are going to replace with implants, the clock is always ticking. Once the tooth is removed from the jawbone, your body begins to remove the bone that supported it. As the bone volume and quality diminishes, it can be harder to get dental implants, and it’s more likely you will need a bone graft.

If you are considering removing a tooth and replacing it with a dental implant, it’s also better to act fast. If gum disease is threatening the tooth, that gum disease is also damaging the bone around the tooth, again meaning you are more likely to need a bone graft. The same can happen if you have an infected tooth, either one that needs a root canal or one that has had a failed root canal.

Although bone grafts are very successful, they do take time. It can take up to six months for a graft to incorporate with your natural bone, and this has to be done before your dental implant can be placed.

New Teeth Today?

Even if waiting doesn’t mean you’ll need a bone graft, it can reduce the odds that you will be able to get your dental implant completed in a day. After we place your dental implant, we have to decide whether we can put the dental crown on top of it. This depends on whether the dental implant is stable at this point or not. The dental implant is more likely to be stable if you have more good-quality bone, which means that the sooner you act, the better.

Don’t Wait for Implants

If you are considering dental implants, procrastination isn’t helpful. Your body is as ready to receive dental implants as it will ever be, and waiting just increases the risk that something will go wrong’], making it harder for you to get dental implants.

And if your budget is the main thing making you wait, we have convenient financing options for dental implants. This can help you afford them today.

So don’t put off the decision another day. Please call (760) 832-7915 for an appointment with a Rancho Mirage implant dentist at Country Club Dentistryl today.