At Country Club Dentistry Dr. Strober takes your entire health into consideration, not just your oral health. He understands how your dental health affects your general health, and focuses on helping patients achieve smiles that are as healthy as they are beautiful. The benefits of good oral health extend beyond our mouths; likewise, healthy lifestyle choices have positive effects on our dental health.

How Your Oral Health Affects Your Body

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When you have poor oral health, a number of problems can occur. For one, untreated gum disease can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and weaken your immune system. The increased bacteria in your mouth can give you bad breath too. If you’re missing teeth or have teeth damaged to the point where you have to adjust your diet, you’re also missing out on important nutrients. If you can’t eat a complete diet, the lack of nutrients can also affect your overall health. Discover other serious health consequences of poor oral health.

Oral Bacteria and Pancreatic Cancer

There is an increased risk of pancreatic cancer and other cancers when gum disease goes untreated. At the American Association for Cancer Research recent annual meeting, scientists presented the findings of a new study that identified two species of bacteria linked to periodontal disease that specifically indicate an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

The two bacteria are mouthfuls to be sure: Porphyromonas gingivalis and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans. But their presence together was associated with a 50 percent greater risk of pancreatic cancer.

The study demonstrates the importance of a good dental hygiene routine that includes brushing at least twice daily, flossing at least once daily, and regular preventive checkups and teeth cleanings. It also holds promise as an early detection measure for pancreatic cancer, which kills approximately 40,000 Americans per year and is often diagnosed in its advanced stages. Many systemic health problems show initial signs in the mouth, and your dentist can be an important first line of defense. 

Doctor’s (And Dentist’s) Orders

How we treat our bodies can also affect our mouths. Consider the recent story of a diabetic woman who manipulated her insulin therapy in order to lose weight; she lost the weight, but she also lost her teeth.

The woman is not alone; she suffers from diabulimia, an eating disorder in which diabetics skip or reduce their prescribed insulin injections in order to drop pounds. However, the side effects of losing weight this way include gum infections and tooth loss among other health problems.

Incidentally, the woman in the story is recovering with family support and holistic medical care in the form of physicians, psychotherapists, and dentists. She wears dentures to restore the bite function and smile aesthetics lost due to her condition.

How to Improve Your Overall Health with Oral Health Care

Improving your oral health has amazing benefits for your entire body. With our help, we can help you achieve your best oral and overall health yet. To start improving your oral health, follow these tips:

  • Brush at least twice per day
  • Floss once per day
  • Rinse your mouth with OraCare mouthwash
  • Visit us for cleanings twice per year
  • Get dental treatments early on
  • Wear a nightguard if you need it
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Stay hydrated with water

If you’re seeking exceptional, comprehensive dental care in Rancho Mirage, please call Country Club Dentistry at (760) 832-7915 to schedule your appointment. We believe a healthy smile is a beautiful smile.