Dental implants by themselves are a modern marvel. The All-on-x dental implant technology is even more remarkable. Fortunately, you have a top-notch implant dentist right here in Rancho Mirage. If you want dentures that allow you to eat your favorite foods with comfort, visit Dr. Strober.

Dental implants allow you to keep your jaw structure and chew comfortably even though you’ve lost teeth. Even better, All-on-x dental implants allow you to do all this with minimal treatment. Here at Country Club Dentistry, we will help you get back to normal and love your smile again.

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What are All-on-x Dentures?

All-on-x dental implants replace an entire arch of teeth in one procedure by using only four locations and a dental bridge. In order to correctly identify the areas, your implant dentist uses the latest technology to understand where your jaw has the most bone density. By choosing areas with dense bone structure, your jaw and new dental implants will retain their shape for longer.

Other than the implants themselves, we will install a provisional bridge on the day of your procedure. Once your implants heal, we will place a permanent bridge. Both bridges help with function and protect the implants from the stress of chewing and biting.

Furthermore, these four implant locations encourage bone growth in the jaw. Since your bone structure determines the appearance of your face, this procedure will decrease wrinkles and make you look younger. Additionally, biting and chewing will become easier as the bones around your implants continue to grow.

Benefits of All-on-x Dentures

All-on-x dentures offer an attractive, natural look with functional biting and chewing. Your dentures will look just like natural teeth–if not better! In just one visit, you’ll have a new smile that won’t slip or fall out.

When you opt for these implant dentures, you can eat normally like you once did with natural teeth. Though your mouth might be sore for a bit while healing, you’ll eat and enjoy food just like you used to afterward. If you’ve been without teeth, the difference these dentures make will surprise you.

Finally, All-on-x dentures are a financially smart option. Since they only require four dentures per arch and they don’t require a bone graft, they are much less expensive than other dental implants. With all the benefits, these implant dentures are a great choice for tooth replacement.

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All-on-x dental implants allow you to replace an entire arch of teeth in just one visit. If you want to learn more about the procedure, call Country Club Dentistry at (760) 832-7915 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Strober online.