If you’re looking for a New Year’s Resolution, you might be considering cutting down on your sugar intake. If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, reports say that low sugar isn’t even a trend anymore; it’s simply becoming the norm. Just in case you’re not on a bandwagon yet, here are a few reasons to decrease the amount of sugar in your diet.

Reasons you should avoid a sugary diet.

You Don’t Want Heart Disease

Of course, nobody wants to have heart disease. But did you know that having a high sugar intake means you’re significantly more at risk of contracting the disease? One 15-year study compared people who consume more than 25% of their daily calories as sugar, and those who consume less than 10% of their daily calories as sugar. The result was staggering: Those higher sugar consumers were more than twice as likely to die of heart disease. In fact, regardless of other demographic factors, a higher percentage of sugar consumption demonstrated higher odds of dying from heart disease on every level.

You Want Smooth Skin

Acne can be not just unattractive, but painful. If you want to prevent it, cutting down on sugar may be the key. This is because sugar is high on the glycemic index, which means that once it’s eaten, your body converts it rapidly into glucose. This causes a spike in insulin levels, which in turn can trigger inflammation. Insulin spikes also result in increased skin oil production, which can clog pores.

You Want More Energy

Tired of being tired? Sugar might be the culprit. You have cells in your brain called orexin cells, and these cells are responsible for waking you up and getting your metabolism going. Unfortunately, sugar can actually decrease the activity of these energizing cells, making you feel fatigued. If you’ve ever wondered why you feel sluggish after eating a big meal, check the sugar content of what you just ate (or the carb content, since those are quickly converted into sugars once consumed) — it may clear up the mystery.

Want to reverse this trend? Try a protein-rich meal to lend you some energy.

You Care About Your Teeth

You’ve probably heard that sugar causes cavities. It’s not quite that simple, but the cause-and-effect is still there. Here’s what happens: There are bacteria in your mouth that feed on sugar. When they find some sugar to eat, they in turn produce acid. Plaque (that gummy stuff that you brush off your teeth every morning and night) helps stick sugar and bacteria to your teeth, so that when that acid is produced, it ends up right on top of your enamel. Enamel is strong, but when that acid does its work, your enamel can become weakened, leaving an opening for that bacteria to get in and turn into cavities.

Sugar might be delicious, but it’s a not your friend! Cutting down sugar in the new year could be good for your teeth, your energy levels, your skin, and your heart. So why not try it?

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