Here at Country Club Dentistry, we focus on results. Whether those results are aesthetic or functionally-driven, our main goal is to help you achieve your goals. When you visit us, we keep your goals in mind to help you attain the results you want. And, that’s why we love dental implants!

Dental implants help our patients get their dream smiles, both aesthetically and performance-based. Aesthetically, we can replace lost, broken, severely decaying, or otherwise damaged teeth. With performance, dental implants allow patients to eat and talk completely normally without having to remove dentures.

To top it all off, dental implants are made to last. That means that during times of hardship, such as rampant pandemics like the coronavirus, you don’t have to worry.

Male checks out this new smile with a hand held mirror

Benefits of Dental Implants

If you’ve lost a tooth or currently have a loose tooth, you may want to consider dentures or dental implants. But, here at Country Club Dentistry, we are certain that dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option available.

Just Like Natural Teeth

First of all, implants both look and feel like natural teeth. The implant, itself, hides in your gums but the denture, or filling, on top matches your teeth perfectly. Even better, we can craft your new dentures to look straighter or whiter than your natural teeth!

Additionally, implants feel like your regular teeth. This includes functionality–your implants will work just like your teeth did. And, if you bid farewell to certain foods, rejoice! You can welcome those foods back and become your happiest self again.

Strengthen Your Jaw

Furthermore, the connection to your jawbone ensures that your implants support themselves while allowing your jaw to function normally. Your implants don’t rely on your other teeth, weakening those teeth as they age. Instead, your implants rely solely on your jaw. An added bonus is that your jaw can maintain its shape better when it has a full set of permanent teeth!

No Additional Cleaning

An added bonus is that dental implants require no special care like additional cleaning or replacements. In fact, they function the same as natural teeth, so you just have to brush, floss, and visit your dentist like normal.

Finally, dental implants can last a lifetime! This means that your initial investment for beautiful new teeth really will pay off in the long run. In these trying times with the coronavirus, it’s good to know you have a smile that lasts.

Your Dentist in Rancho Mirage

If you’ve lost teeth but don’t want to lose functionality, look into dental implants. Additionally, if you don’t want to part with that beautiful smile, implants are the way to go.

To get the best dental implants in Rancho Mirage, California, look no further! Country Club Dentistry is here to help you achieve your smile goals. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Strober, give us a call at (760) 832-7915 or make an appointment online.