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How to Treat Different Types of Gaps in Your Smile

An attractive smile presents a smooth white surface. However, gaps in your smile can make your smile less attractive. There are many potential causes of gaps in your smile. The best way to fix your smile gaps depends on what caused them. Here’s a guide to the different types of smile gaps and how a Rancho Mirage [...]

8 Questions to Ask a Smile Makeover Dentist

Are you considering a smile makeover in Rancho Mirage or the Palm Desert area? Nothing will make more of a difference to your results than your choice of a cosmetic dentist. Taking the time to choose your smile makeover dentist will help you get the attractive, functional, and long-lasting results you’re looking for. Take the time [...]

Tips and Tricks to Avoiding Red Wine Teeth Stains

No matter how marvelous your outfit or how great your hair looks, stained teeth always look unattractive. Your smile is generally the first thing people will notice about you. If your teeth have stains and discoloration, it might leave the wrong first impression. Fortunately, if your teeth aren’t naturally a perfect hue, {{{{link id='50463' text='teeth whitening in Rancho Mirage' [...]

White Patches? You May Have Fluorosis

Have you ever looked in the mirror and spotted bright white patches in the middle of your front teeth? If those patches bother you, you’re not alone. Those white patches could be a result of something called fluorosis, and they’re incredibly common. Common or not, many people don’t like the way fluorosis looks. If you want those white patches [...]

BioClear Eliminates “Black Triangles” For a Beautiful Smile

Sometimes, the list of things that can be wrong with your smile can seem endless. Whether we’re talking about yellowed teeth that need whitening or crooked teeth that need straightening with {{{{link id='52482' text='SureSmile aligners' esc_html='false'}}}}, there are so many reasons we can be unhappy with our teeth. But despite the seemingly endless parade of problems, [...]

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