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Dental Implants

How Small Dental Problems Get Bigger

Most small injuries will heal on their own. Your body will absorb a small bruise and normally vanish without a trace. A small cut will likewise heal, leaving only a thin white line, if any mark remains. However, when it comes to your teeth, your body doesn’t really have a good mechanism for healing. When you get a small [...]

Trust Us, You’re a Candidate for Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are the best possible way to replace them. Not only will dental implants restore your smile, but they will also protect the health of your teeth in the future, preventing bone loss and keeping your overall facial shape intact. Dental implants {{{{link id='50315' text='function just like normal teeth and [...]

Introducing CeraSmile® at Country Club Dentistry

Country Club Dentistry strives to remain at the forefront of dentistry. We are constantly evaluating new technologies and procedures as they become available, and we select only the best new techniques to offer to our patients.  That’s why we’re delighted to be one of the first practices in the nation to offer CeraSmile® dental implant bridges. [...]

Why Your Gums Are Sore Around Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option in Rancho Mirage. Nothing quite compares to them for functionality and attractiveness. In addition, they have such a high success rate that everyone should consider them as an option. But if you have dental implants and are experiencing redness around gums, sore gums, or dental implant swelling gums, it may [...]

Why Results-Driven Dentists Love Dental Implants

Here at Country Club Dentistry, we focus on results. Whether those results are aesthetic or functionally-driven, our main goal is to help you achieve your goals. When you visit us, we keep your goals in mind to help you attain the results you want. And, that’s why we love dental implants! Dental implants help our patients [...]