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Will Cosmetic Dentistry Make You Happy?

Cosmetic dentistry is a highly effective way to correct minor and major complaints you may have about the {{{{link id='50310' text='appearance of your teeth'}}}}. Teeth whitening can reliably whiten teeth. Dental implants can reliably replace your teeth. But what cosmetic dentistry can't reliably do is make you happier. This is because for many people considering or seeking cosmetic dentistry, [...]

How to Find a Talented Cosmetic Dentist

In choosing a cosmetic dentist, you certainly want to find one that's well-trained, and one that's experienced, but you also want to find one that's talented, and is capable of performing cosmetic dentistry procedures expertly and accurately. This is something that's hard to measure, making it even harder to find. We'll help you understand what talent means in a [...]

Communicating without Smiles

For most of us, smiling is something that comes naturally--it’s part of the American Dream to be able to smile. Smiling can mean more promotions, and smiling at one another is an essential part of being a couple. But for some people smiling is simply impossible. People suffering from various types of facial paralysis are [...]

Top 7 Smiles to Look for at Comic-Con

This week San Diego goes wild with Comic-Con, the biggest comics-related event, and, with the possible exception of WorldCon (the World Science Fiction Convention), the biggest geek event of the year. This year, there’s a lot of buzz going on, mostly about the slew of upcoming movies and TV series based on comics, games, and novels. But when you’re visiting [...]

Should California Ban Chewing Tobacco?

There has long been a debate about the role of smokeless or chewing tobacco in Major League Baseball. The debate has intensified recently following the death of San Diego Padres All-Star Tony Gwynn to cancer believed to be related to his use of chewing tobacco. As a result of the more intense scrutiny, San Francisco's mayor recently signed a [...]