Dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option in Rancho Mirage. Nothing quite compares to them for functionality and attractiveness. In addition, they have such a high success rate that everyone should consider them as an option.

But if you have dental implants and are experiencing redness around gums, sore gums, or dental implant swelling gums, it may be a sign of a potentially serious complication.

First Suspect: Food Caught around Implant

Dental implants are generally very easy to care for, but good oral hygiene is essential. Make sure you’re cleaning around your implant thoroughly but carefully to avoid further irritating gum tissue. Inspect the implant in the mirror to make sure there’s nothing caught between the implant and your gums. If you see something and can remove it easily, do so and see if the irritation improves.

If you can’t easily remove food caught in the implant, you need to see your Rancho Mirage implant dentist.

Mucositis: A Minor Infection

Just like periodontitis can infect the area around your teeth, peri-implantitis occurs when the area around your dental implant becomes infected. The first signs include redness around gums or inflamed gums around the dental implant often called mucositis.

Because peri-implantitis can lead to dental implant failure, it’s important to talk to your implant dentist if you suspect mucositis, which can grow into a more serious infection.

Once you’re cleared of infection risk, you have to consider alternative causes of gum tissue irritation.

How Dental Crowns Can Cause Redness Around Gums

Ideally, your dental crowns and bridges placed on top of the dental implant should fit perfectly with your neighboring teeth and tissues. If not, they can cause gum irritation, redness, and even contribute to infection risk. If you notice any redness around gums after getting a dental crown, it’s likely the fit is wrong.

Dental implants should give adequate clearance for your gum tissue. If they don’t give enough space for your gums, it can lead to irritation or sore gums.

Dental crowns can also irritate if they don’t fit in properly with your other teeth. If your dental crowns aren’t properly sized and fitted, they might experience excessive force from biting and chewing. This can cause the dental crown to press down on your gum tissue, irritating.

Dental crowns that don’t fit properly with your other teeth can lead to irritation of your gums by pinching gum tissue between the teeth.

Finally, poorly fitted dental crowns or a dental bridge might make it hard to clean around them. It’s also more likely that food particles become trapped too. If you’re experiencing these problems regularly, you have to consider the possibility that your dental crowns might be responsible.

Once you’re cleared of infection risk, you have to consider alternative causes of gum tissue irritation.

What to Do about Irritation around Dental Implants

If you have talked to your implant dentist about irritation and haven’t gotten adequate answers or treatment for your redness, you might need to talk to another implant dentist who can look at the problem with fresh eyes.

If you are looking for help with irritation around your dental implants in Rancho Mirage, please call (760) 832-7915 for an appointment with an implant dentist at Country Club Dentistry.