Why Most Denture Wearers Are Unhappy

Most denture wearers are not satisfied with their dentures because of common complaints about dentures that:

  • Look fake
  • Smell bad
  • Stain
  • Feel uncomfortable
  • Slip out of place
  • Make it hard to eat
  • Cause gagging or nausea
  • Make you look old

These denture problems are common because of the way traditional dentures are designed and fitted. Traditional dentures are made out of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), a type of plastic. This type of plastic is pretty durable, but it doesn’t look like natural teeth or gums. Plus, many dentures are made with low-density PMMA, which stains and picks up odors easily.

Plus, most denture dentists didn’t learn a scientific process for fitting dentures. They learned a basic way to fit dentures that was the standard for many years, but didn’t allow for good fit. The result is dentures that tend to slip out of place. They don’t let you chew properly, and they can cause gagging or nausea because they irritate your mouth.

And the fit of traditional dentures doesn’t take into account your facial proportions, so they can make you look old.

Yes! FOY® Dentures can be implant dentures. We can either design them as implant dentures or convert them later.

Without natural teeth, the body starts removing bone from your jaw. FOY® Dentures can’t stop this process, but they don’t speed the process like poorly fitting dentures can.

Better Materials for More Attractive Dentures

One of the big differences with FOY® Dentures is that they’re made out of better materials. First of all, the teeth are made of ceramic similar to what are used in many veneers, which makes them look attractive and natural. The denture teeth can even be customized so your smile is your own–not just the same one as all other denture wearers.

The denture base is made of a high-density PMMA that resists staining and smells. Plus, it’s layered and textured to look more like natural gums–there are even inclusions that look like blood vessels.

How Improved Fit Rejuvenates Your Appearance

Traditional dentures are designed to fit on your gums, but FOY® Dentures are designed to fit your entire face. The scientific process uses neuromuscular principles to make sure the dentures fit with your bite system for the most secure, comfortable, and functional fit.

But improved fit does even more–it can make you look younger. The secret is what plastic surgeons call “the concertina effect.” Your skin, muscles, and other soft tissue developed when you were a young adult with a full set of long teeth. As your teeth got worn down and lost, and your jawbone lost material, the support structure got smaller. But your soft tissue stayed the same, which means that it has to drape, fold, and hang off the structure, causing effects like:

  • Wrinkles
  • Folds
  • Jowls
  • Turkey neck

Most dentures are fit without concern for this problem. FOY® Dentures, though, are designed to replace all the volume you lost in your teeth and jaw. This restores your face’s youthful proportions, which helps you look younger. Plus, it maintains your appearance so that you still look like you.



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