Who Benefits from Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can help people who find it hard to make or keep dental appointments because they experience:

  • Dental anxiety
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Sore jaw, arms, back, or other muscles
  • Difficulty sitting still for long appointments

Dental phobia is one of the most common fears people feel, after arachnophobia. People with anxiety can find it hard to get necessary dental care, let alone cosmetic dentistry.

Gag reflex, difficulty getting numb, and sore muscles are also linked to anxiety, even if a person might not know they’re anxious. Sedation dentistry takes the edge off the anxiety, making dental visits more comfortable and bearable.

We often recommend sedation dentistry for someone who needs complex restorative or cosmetic dentistry. Even if you’re not normally anxious, it can be hard to sit still for long appointments. Sedation dentistry makes it easier to complete cosmetic dentistry with fewer appointments.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes. For most people, there is very little risk of complications. Before treatment, we will ask about your medical history to make sure it’s safe for you.

Is It Sleep Dentistry?

Yes and no. Some people call sedation dentistry sleep dentistry, but it’s inaccurate because you won’t actually fall asleep. Plus, sleep dentistry is the name for dental treatment of sleep disorders.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Dr. Strober is happy to offer two different types of sedation dentistry. We explain the different options, including their benefits and drawbacks below.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is just a pill you take to help you relax at the dentist. Because you take it before you come to the office, it can help you deal with pre-appointment anxiety. We can even prescribe a pill to help you sleep the night before, if necessary. It is good for mild to moderate anxiety.

But oral conscious sedation can’t be quickly turned off and on. You need to have someone drive you to and from your dental appointment, and keep tabs on you until you fully recover from the medication. And if a procedure runs long, it’s hard to extend the sedation time.

IV Sedation

In this technique, sedatives are introduced to your bloodstream, which lets us put you in a deeper sedated state. We can initiate the sedation effect quickly, and can extend it for as long as necessary. It is good for severe dental anxiety.

IV sedation can take a while to wear off, so you need to have someone drive you home and monitor you until you fully recover. It’s a more involved procedure and requires greater safeguards, so it’s more expensive. But for some people, it is just the only way to get dental care.

Do You Need Sedation Dentistry in Coachella Valley?

Do you experience dental anxiety or other problems that make it hard to go to the dentist? Sedation dentistry can help. Please call (760) 832-7915 today for an appointment with sedation dentist Dr. Rod Strober at Country Club Dentistry in Rancho Mirage.