Dental implants are the most durable tooth replacement method available. If an implant is properly fused to your jawbone, it can last 30 years or more. However, the dental crown on top of your implant may need to be replaced after about a decade, depending on the quality of your bite and how well you have cared for your replacement tooth.

Remember, it is possible to lose your dental implants if you let your oral health decline too much. Periodontal (gum) disease can cause bone loss in your mouth, which eventually leads to tooth loss if it is not checked and controlled.

Because of this, it’s important to care for your dental implants in the same way you care for your natural teeth. To prevent gum disease, be sure you brush twice a day and floss on a daily basis. You should also schedule regular dental check-ups with Dr. Strober to ensure any problems are identified and addressed as soon as possible.

If you have further questions about dental implants, please contact our experienced Rancho Mirage implant dentistry team today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Strober.