What are Dental Bridges?

Example of dental bridge.A dental bridge is a tooth replacement option that comprises of three parts. On the ends of a bridge are two crowns that are placed over existing teeth to anchor themselves to the mouth. Resting between the two crowns is the abutment or false tooth, otherwise known as a pontic. The pontic replaces the missing tooth in your mouth and is supported by the dental crowns on either side.

Implant Bridges

If you need to replace more than one missing tooth, or your teeth are not strong enough to become anchors for your dental bridge, we will recommend implant bridges. Implant bridges use dental implants to stay fixed inside the mouth. Implant bridges can replace larger sections of missing teeth or entire arches.

If you would like to replace an entire arch of teeth, we highly recommend CeraSmile™, an alternative to dentures that replaces your missing teeth using dental implants and a ceramic bridge. CeraSmile™ usually takes just one day for a complete procedure, rejuvenates the appearance, sustains bone in the jaw, and looks and feels completely natural. CeraSmile™ is custom-made to fit your jaw and your facial features to provide you with the most comfortable and aesthetic results possible.

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

Most patients who have missing teeth are good candidates for dental bridges. To replace a single tooth, a patient must either have strong enough teeth to serve as anchors or be willing to get dental implants. For implant bridges, patients must have enough bone in their jaw to hold the implants in place and be free of gum disease or other compromising issues. If necessary, we can provide patients with a bone graft.

Patients are also good candidates for dental bridges if they are unhappy with their current tooth replacement solution. Whether it doesn’t look natural, feels uncomfortable, or doesn’t function well, Dr. Strober can replace it with a better solution.

Dental Bridges Before & After

Dental Bridge Procedure

The first part of your dental bridge procedure is a consultation with Dr. Strober. Dr. Strober will examine your mouth to make sure a dental bridge is the best solution for you and to ensure you’re a good candidate. If your existing teeth are strong enough to serve as anchors, he will begin by prepping the teeth. The preparation is to make room for the dental crowns that will be placed on top. After preparing the teeth, we will take impressions of the area with our CEREC to create your dental bridge in our office. Once the bridge is ready, Dr. Strober will check to make sure it fits and looks correct. After verifying, he will bond the bridge in place.

If you’re opting for implant bridges, Dr. Strober will also start your procedure with an examination. If you need a bone graft or extractions, he will address that first. Once you’re ready for your implant bridge, Dr. Strober will surgically place the dental implants in your jaw. Depending on how many teeth you need to replace will determine how many implants you need. Following the implant placement, Dr. Strober will take impressions of the area using our CEREC to create your bridge. Some patients can have their permanent bridge placed the same day as their implants and others might have to wait for it to heal a bit. If you’re able to get your bridge placed the same day, after the CEREC finishes creating it, Dr. Strober will check the appearance and fit and then attach the bridge to the implants.

Get Same-Day Dental Bridges in Rancho Mirage

In just one appointment, you will achieve a brand new smile that functions well and looks amazing. Are you ready to finally replace your missing teeth? Contact Country Club Dentistry to find out if dental bridges in Rancho Mirage are right for you. Dr. Strober will show you what your smile can look like by calling (760) 832-7915.