According to newly released data, we’re not the only dental practice that sees an upsurge in emergency dental visits following St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a nationwide phenomenon.

When Reveling Unravels

New data reported by CNBC shows that emergency visits to the dentist increase an average of 64% on March 18. For some states, the increase is much larger: Delaware, Mississippi, Maryland, and Nebraska all see a more than 150% increase in emergency dental visits. Utah, Texas, Montana, and the District of Columbia all see emergency dental visits increase by more than 100%. Only one state, Vermont, saw a decrease in emergency dental visits on March 18, 2015.

All these are associated with St. Patrick’s Day mishaps. Although beer can be good for your teeth, consuming too much of it isn’t, because it can result in:

  • Clumsiness
  • Falls
  • Fights
  • Car accidents

All of which can cause damage to your teeth.

The data clearly shows that the need for emergency dentistry isn’t really associated with a state’s Irish population. For example, the state with the highest increase, Delaware, only has 11% Irish population, compared to Vermont, the only state with a decrease, which has a 17% Irish population. Instead, the increase is related to places where people emulate the stereotypical Irish behavior of drinking a lot and potentially fighting.

Post-Emergency Dental Visits

Although there are many people we see for emergency dental care on March 18, we also see many people afterwards to repair or improve emergency dental work or fix non-emergency tooth problems.

Emergency dental care typically involves a knocked out (avulsed) tooth, chipped teeth, or cracked teeth. These might be restored that day or appointments might be made for later. People don’t always take care when choosing an emergency dentist–closest available is the main criterion–so we see many people who are unhappy with the appearance, function, or feel of the emergency dental care they received. They may want more attractive dental crowns or porcelain veneers to replace dental bonding.

Other times, people have minor dental injuries that they put off treating. Minor cosmetic chips might be ignored until they cause sensitivity. A tooth that was knocked loose might be thought to be fine until it either turns dark or gets even more loose. Sometimes this will be treated with a root canal and other times with a dental implant.

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