Actoress Ashley Rickards at an eventYoung stars these days feel that tweeting pictures is appropriate for practically every moment of their lives, so it should be no surprise that Ashley Rickards of the MTV series Awkward felt the need to share a picture from her wisdom teeth extraction.

It’s no sexy selfie to be sure, for although the young star has nicely made up eyes and is wearing an attractive combination of tan pants and white tanktop (mostly covered by her elegant dental bib), she also has white dental wadding hanging from the corners of her mouth. And she’s cradling her Ugg slipper for comfort the way her character embraced Unraveled..

A Good Role Model

Rickards is a young star who’s had the fortune of playing in several cult TV series for her generation. After recurring roles on Ugly Betty and One Tree Hill, this lead role on Awkward. helps her solidify her place as a role model for young women.

And what a better choice than many of the other options out there. Unlike Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan, Rickards isn’t eating up the headlines with a side of raunchy debauchery or drug addiction, Rickards is known for making smart choices. She is famously known for graduating from high school at the age of 15, being a member of genius society MENSA, and opposing human trafficking.

Now, hopefully, her wisdom teeth snapshot will encourage young women to prioritize oral health.

Teens Need to Make Oral Health a Priority

There are many reasons why teens need to make oral health a priority. In addition to dealing with potential wisdom teeth problems, teens need to consider whether they want to straighten their teeth with Sure Smile Aligners or traditional braces as well as learn to take care of their oral health as adults. For many teens these issues can fall behind other aspects of becoming an adult–such as learning to drive and getting a job to support their car–on the priority list. But helping teens prioritize their oral health and establish good habits can lead to a lifetime of good health.

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