For most people in Rancho Mirage, visiting the dentist twice a year is often enough, but for others more regular checkups may be required to ensure optimum oral and general health. Here are some circumstances where you might want to visit the dentist more often.

Do You Have “Compromised Health”

“Compromised health” is a medical insurance term for people who have increased risk for gum disease and/or have increased risks from gum disease. When additional cleanings are recommended for this reason, your insurance company is more likely to cover the cleanings.

The people who have the most serious risks of both developing gum disease and having other health complications are pregnant women, transplant patients, and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. During pregnancy, women are at increased risk for gum disease, and gum disease has been linked with pregnancy complications. Transplant patients and cancer patients may have reduced immune responses and may be at increased risk for infection to spread from the mouth.

Diabetics have elevated risk of gum disease and it is often a good idea for them to come in more often to reduce the risk of tooth loss.

Recovery and Restorations

We might also have you come in more often as a follow-up for treatments. If you have developed gum disease and have been treated, we will have you come in for multiple follow-ups.

Other times, coming in more frequently might be recommended to protect your restorations. The most common reason is for dental implants. Like your natural teeth, dental implants are vulnerable to gum disease. If you lost your natural tooth or teeth to gum disease, we will want to be sure the same doesn’t happen to your dental implants.

Your Lifestyle

And then there are aspects of your lifestyle that might contribute to your risk of gum disease or cavities, so we might recommend additional checkups and cleanings. Smoking, for example, doesn’t just stain your teeth. It can increase your risk of losing teeth. So, in addition to teeth whitening, we might recommend that smokers have more regular cleanings and checkups.

The same is true for regular consumption of large amounts of alcohol, which can damage your gums and increase your risk of gum disease.

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