pair of people doing yoga in a calm environmentIf you suffer from dental anxiety, you’ve probably had one of those moments where your dentist told you something wouldn’t hurt–or wouldn’t hurt much–and then it did, a lot. Likely this experience reinforced your fear of dentists and maybe made you think that dentists were liars and that pain was common in dental treatment.

But your dentist probably wasn’t lying to you, and for most people the procedure probably wouldn’t hurt. But people with dental anxiety are different–they’re more likely to experience dental pain. In fact, people with dental anxiety are the most likely to experience dental pain.

The Relationship between Dental Anxiety and Dental Pain

When trying to determine why some people experience pain during a dental procedure and others do not, researchers looked at patients undergoing dental treatment to find factors most closely associated with pain during treatment. They found three that were most significantly related to dental pain: dental anxiety, getting a tooth extracted, and the use of local anesthetic.

When they compared the factors to see what was the most strongly related to experiencing dental pain, they found that dental anxiety was the number one predictor of experiencing dental pain. That’s right, dental anxiety was more likely to lead to pain than having a tooth extraction. In fact, people with dental anxiety were nearly six times more likely to experience pain.

You Don’t Have to Be Anxious, and Dentistry Doesn’t Have to Hurt

We aren’t entirely certain about the cause and effect relationship between anxiety and pain, but in our experience, when dental patients are relaxed, they are less likely to experience discomfort at any level.

Sedation dentistry can help you feel relaxed during dental treatment. This will help you get the dental treatments you need, with little or no discomfort. And you will find that having a few positive experiences makes it easier every time. We offer multiple sedation dentistry options: oral sedation and even IV sedation so you can get the one that’s right for you.

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