Few people actually enjoy going to the dentist for their cleaning. However, good oral hygiene is not only good for your teeth, but also for your health. Regular checkups can prevent health problems like heart disease, stroke, gum disease, infection and more. How often you go is best advised by a dentist. While biannual cleanings are appropriate for most, this recommendation may vary depending upon your dental risk, home dental care and past oral history.

When you make an appointment with a Rancho Mirage dentist, like Dr. Rod Strober, you’ll be cared for with the latest dental technology and the caring understanding of a dentist that puts your comfort at the top of his list.

Biannual visits to the dentist are important.

Top Reasons for Your Biannual Dental Visit

Preventative teeth maintenance is as important for your health as auto maintenance is for your Rolls Royce. Fix things in the earlier stages and you won’t be shelling out thousands of dollars later. A good hygienist and dentist will be performing the following with your exam:

  • Removing plaque build-up that gets between your teeth, causing gum inflammation
  • Catching minor dental problems before they become major and costly
  • Evaluating for possible tooth infection that can be very serious if left untreated
  • Screening for oral cancer
  • Gauging your risk for gum disease
  • Preventing bad breath – studies show that 85 percent of those with halitosis have a dental problem as the cause

If you have put off going to the dentist for a cleaning and exam, please contact Dr. Rod Strober at Country Club Dentistry to arrange your dental exam.