You finally got tired of that gap where your tooth used to be. You got tired of the food that got caught there, the dark hole you saw when you looked in the mirror, and the fear of the further dental complications that could result from it. Maybe you had a partial denture, but you were tired of that within the first week. You’ve read up on dental implants, learning all about their long lifespan and soothing your fears about the procedure. You’re almost ready to make your appointment. The only problem is: How do you choose the right dentist to tackle it?

Your Choice of Dentist Matters

When it comes to the dental implants themselves, you have nothing to worry about. Implants are a highly reliable procedure with extremely high success rates. Once your implants are in, they’ll be just as strong and attractive as your real teeth. That’s because dentists have been performing dental implant procedures for more than fifty years. As far as dental procedures go, implants are one of the more common, low-risk procedures out there.

But no matter how tried-and-true dental implants are, they still require surgery — one that not just any dentist can perform. It’s common for dentists to learn about implants in dental school, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to do it now, or that they’ve had any real experience with the procedure. Unless your dentist received specific training on dental implants and performs the procedure routinely, they probably aren’t a good pick.

Choosing the Right Dentist

So if you can’t go to your family dentist for your dental implants, where should you go? The key to finding the right implant dentist is hunting down that perfect combination of education, experience, and good reviews.

The dentist you choose should have dedicated training in implant dentistry. And of course, it’s important to see your dentist’s work before you sit down in the chair. Before and after photos from previous patients can help you determine if their work is up to your standards. Patient reviews can also demonstrate whether or not the dentist’s work lives up to the claims on their website.

Dental implants are nothing to be scared of when your put your trust in the hands of the right implant dentist. The choice of which dentist that is shouldn’t be made lightly. Choosing a dentist who is trained, experienced, and trusted by their patients can ensure that your procedure goes smoothly and you get the most out of your implants.

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